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What is bebionic?

bebionic is the next generation of multi-articulating compliant hands. Each digit is controlled by an individual motor allowing the hand to move into multiple grip patterns. Advanced tracking systems allow finger positions to be monitored allowing accurate repeatable grasp patterns. bebionic is modeled on the human hand to provide an accurate anatomical representation.

Who is the distributor of the bebionic hand?

Since 1st of May 2017 ottobock is the global distributor of the bebionic hand.
bebionic was designed and is manufactured in the UK.

How many hand sizes are available?

Three sizes are available currently – small, medium and large.

How does bebionic work?

A user operates their prosthesis using controlled muscle contraction. Electronics measure electrical changes on the skin covering the control muscles and command individual actuators in the hand to provide the desired movements. Integrated electronics monitor movement of the mechanical elements, ensuring a smooth and co-ordinated motion. Operation becomes instinctive once the user has been properly trained to optimise performance.

What grip patterns are possible with a bebionic hand?

There are 14 grip patterns / hand positions available. These are Power, Tripod, Precision Open, Precision Closed, Pinch, Mouse, Active Index, Relaxed Hand, Open Palm, Finger Adduction, Column and Key Grip. Finger point can also be selected automatically. A Hook grip can be achieved through a partial Power grip close. Other hand shapes can be achieved by preventing the fingers from being closed by applying resistance.

How do I access different grip patterns?

Different grip patterns are accessed, by first manually positioning the thumb into either an opposed or non-opposed position. With the thumb in position it is then possible to select from the primary grip patterns. This grip selection can be controlled by either opening the hand fully, then providing a second open signal, or by providing a co-contraction signal. To access the secondary grip patterns the user should press the programme switch on the back of the hand. Selection of the primary and secondary grip patterns is customised by the practitioner through bebalance programming software.

What is bebalance?

bebalance is programming software, specifically for bebionic. It allows the bebionic system to be wirelessly programmed with unique control settings that are desirable for each user. The trainded clinician can study a patients real time control signals and optimize the settings of the hand to suit each patient.

What is an opposed thumb?

This is where the thumb is opposite the fingers.

What is a non-opposed thumb?

This is where the thumb is in line with the fingers.

When I connect my bebionic hand to my prosthesis the hand opens. Why is this?

This is an important feature of the bebionic hand. Whenever it is disconnected and reconnected to its power supply, the hand drives fully open. It is important not to prevent this, as reaching the fully open position allows the hand to calibrate its starting position and relate this to future movements. From then on the hand tracks all movements of the fingers and thumb position, providing accurate repeatable grips.

What covers the hand?

Ottobock offers multilayered silicone gloves with a fabric mesh reinforcement especially for the bebionic system. Available in 19 colours with customised silicone nails, it provides a good cosmetic result without compromising the function of the hand. There is also a non-definition gloves available in black.

Can I use my hand without a glove?

Whilst the hand will work without a glove, we recommend that a glove be worn at all times. Functionality, in particular compliance will be limited without using the correct cosmetic interface. The glove also provides a physical barrier to moisture and dirt entering the hand.

How long will it take to start using my bebionic hand?

Existing myo-electric users will be able to start immediately with the hand directly from the box using the existing myo-electric control utilised on their current prosthesis. bebalance is used to optimise and individualise the users control. Users of non myo-electric prosthesis should discuss their suitability with their prosthetist.