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A science lesson like no other

13, December 2016

A science lesson like no other

It is not every day that your science lesson means that you can try out and test a bionic limb for yourself. But that is exactly what the Year 6 class at Farfield Primary and Nursery School in Bradford did last week!

When Steeper were approached by Farfield Primary and Nursery School in Bradford to give a talk on the application of science, we felt honoured to be invited along. The talk centred around bebionic and the implications that technology can have on people’s lives, in particularly amputees.

Leading the discussion was bebionic user, Kevin Evison, bebionic Design Manager, Simon Taylor and Design Officer, Carl Carver-Williams. The team were there to highlight the importance of how science can be applied to everyday life and to discuss the diversity within human nature. By understanding some of the challenges that bebionic user Kevin has gone through and how science and technology has helped him in his day to day life, it will hopefully inspire the next generation to understand the way the world is moving and that they too can be instrumental in inspiring positive change.

“The initial reactions from the class, were of amazement and inquisition. They were all instantly taken aback by the hand and eager to know more. When Kevin took off his hand and made it rotate 360 degrees, it is safe to say that they were all amazed by the technology.” Carl Carver-Williams.

After watching and listening to Kevin, Simon and Carl, all the children then had the opportunity to try the hand for themselves. By fitting electrodes to their upper arm, they were then able to control bebionic by flexing and releasing their muscles. Controlling the hand themselves, led to more questions, with many asking “how strong it was and whether it could break through a wall!”

Overall, it was a great experience for both Kevin and the Steeper team, helping to inspire the next generation is something that is really important and to know that the bebionic technology is able to create such a positive atmosphere is very rewarding.

To read more about Kevin, please click here.

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