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patient stories

Angel Giuffria’s Story

At 14:44 on Friday 18th February was the day that Angel realised that bebionic means more to her than just giving her a newfound confidence. ‘It’s not just one big thing, it’s all the little things that a lot of people with two hands take for granted. A lot of times people ask me “so what can you do with it?” And the idea isn’t that I’m supposed to be able to crush metal or push something superhuman heavy. The point is I’m supposed to be able to do the things that everybody else can already do. I feel like bebionic has really helped me to be able to do things that I didn’t know were supposed to be easier.’

Angel Giuffria’s Story

The story

‘Growing up is hard, for me it was even tougher as I was always the kid who was different.’
Born without a hand, Angel was fitted with a passive prosthesis at just 6 weeks old, on reflection, Angel remembers looking down at her old prosthetic arm and feeling that it just did not belong to her. The fleshy arm always looked real, but not real enough that it would shield her from the negative stares and comments.
Over the years, Angel trialled different prosthetics, but they all led to the same disappointment, none of them could do what she wanted them to do when she wanted them to do it. With disappointment came frustration because although Angel continued to wear her arm daily, it wasn’t truly aiding her in being more efficient doing tasks than she was without her prosthesis on.

The solution

Through talking to her prosthetist, Angel heard about bebionic small. After seeing the pictures and loving the look of the hand, Angel knew that she had to have it. However, the aesthetic appeal was only half the story, if Angel wanted to wear it full time then it would have to function better than any other prosthesis she had tried.
The first time that Angel used bebionic she was amazed at the way it worked, the control strategy was much easier to use than anything she had tried before and she could quickly get into the grip that she wanted when she wanted it. Instantly, Angel’s favorite grip pattern was key grip, she now uses this so often that her friends call it ‘Angel’s pattern.’

The turning point

From a very young age, Angel had always been interested in acting, but struggled with confidence and self-esteem, believing for a long time that a girl with a prosthetic could never make it. This all changed when she booked her first speaking movie role because she was wearing bebionic. Since being fitted with bebionic, Angel has a newfound confidence, acceptance and excitement which has opened up a new world for her, travelling globally to speak about advancements in Prosthetics, Angel is now an inspiration to other young people with limb differences.

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