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patient stories


Celso is a bilateral trans-radial (below elbow) amputee. He lost both his arms in 1989 following a traumatic accident involving fireworks. He lives in Brazil and receives his prosthetic treatment at Ortopedia Conforpes.

Celso play video

He started using myo-electric hands around one-year after his amputations and quickly became very proficient, returning to work as a typist.

Celso first tried bebionic hands around one-year ago. He found the bebionic hands offer a safer and more secure grip holding objects compared to standard myo-electric hands. He comments that it was simple and quick to learn to work with all the different grip patterns. He especially likes the hook grip to carry bags as he found with his standard myo-electric hand he always had to check that the bag hadn’t dropped. With the bebionic hands, his bag is perfectly secure.

A talented artist, his passion is oil painting. Celso creates amazing paintings despite being a bilateral amputee. He has even had his handwriting confirmed by a technical expert as being identical to before he had his amputations. He is truly inspirational.

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