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Charlie Franco’s Story

At 19:18 on Monday 4th February was the moment that Charlie appeared in his first catwalk show. After losing his hand in an accident, Charlie’s world changed forever. Despite numerous challenges thrown his way, Charlie was determined to pursue his dream of a career in modelling and defy those who said he wouldn’t reach his goal. Now fitted with a bebionic hand, the modern and sleek design combined with cutting edge features and technology has given Charlie the confidence he needed to fulfil his dream of becoming a successful model.

Charlie Franco’s Story

The story

Whilst working with his father one Friday night, Charlie’s hand got caught in a shredder. Pulling out what was left of his arm and in a state of panic and confusion, Charlie ran the one block to the Police Station for help.
Waking up in the hospital bed, he noticed his mother crying, his aunt smiling but with tears in her eyes, and his brothers and cousins watching him intensely. Looking around the room at all the sad faces, Charlie decided that he would not accept pity from anyone, ‘Geez, you’re all acting like I died or something; it’s just a hand, guys! I have another one so chill out.’ From that moment, Charlie knew that being an amputee was going to be different, but he was ready for all the new challenges that were about to be thrown at him.

The solution

Charlie’s fitting with bebionic has given him the confidence boost he needed, not only to pursue his dreams, but to also work and study full time.
The modern and sleek design combined with the precision control and cutting edge features provides Charlie with both the functionality and aesthetic appeal that is so important to him. Being fitted with bebionic has made Charlie much more aware of his prosthesis; the attention and positivity that it attracts makes him proud to wear bebionic and proud to be an amputee.

The turning point

Growing up, Charlie had always taken pride in his appearance. He was, in his words, very much a metrosexual young man; he worked out frequently, maintained his appearance with a haircut every week and always dressed to impress.
Being an amputee had not changed the way he felt about himself, as he had always wanted to be a model and actor, however, ‘the whole not having a hand thing was a deal-breaker to most agencies’. After a series of knock backs, Charlie’s breakthrough came when he was accepted to walk at the International Miami Fashion Show. Since then, Charlie has appeared in magazines, photoshoots and featured in fashion shows across the USA. His strong desire to change the preconceived perceptions that people have about amputees pushes his ambition even further to be a successful model.

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