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patient stories

Joshua Clark’s Story

At 12:19 on Tuesday 29th October was the moment that Josh realised that his bebionic hand was his own. Choosing to be fitted with bebionic was a decision that Josh didn’t take lightly. After months of research, trials and talking to other amputees, he finally decided that bebionic was the hand for him. Looking back, Josh knows he made the right decision; bebionic has given him back his life. Its functionality and reliability means he uses it every day and the variety of grip patterns allows him to do simple tasks he once took for granted, quickly and easily.

Joshua Clark’s Story

The story

After losing his hand to Compartment syndrome when he was just 33, Josh had the huge difficulty of relearning everything he knew. Little things, like tying shoelaces or writing, that seem minor to someone with two hands frustrated him, as he just couldn’t do them anymore. Realising the impact that this was going to have on the rest of his life and the adjustments that he had to make, Josh set out to ensure that his limb loss would not stop him from leading the active lifestyle that he always had.

The solution

Despite trialling other prosthetic hands, bebionic is the one and only prosthetic that Josh has ever been fitted with. His decision to choose bebionic was down to his individual requirements; he wanted a durable, functional and reliable hand that was advanced yet simple enough to use. Now, Josh uses bebionic every day – not only does it meet all of his demands for a practical, easy to use prosthesis, but he loves the aesthetic appeal and the reaction he gets from his friends and family.

The turning point

Overwhelmed with tears of joy on the way home. It was at this moment he realised this was his hand now. Since then, bebionic has helped to bring back Josh’s lost confidence. The feeling of self–sufficiency that his new hand has given him, makes Josh feel normal, yet unique and much more capable than he ever imagined he would be. Simple tasks that he used to take for granted are now quick and easy for him to do with bebionic. But it is the small things, like holding both of his children’s hands at the same time or drinking a beverage that have been most important in aiding his rehabilitation.

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