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Kevin Evison

At 10:26 on Wednesday 18th February was the moment Kevin gained unprecedented control over his bike. As a keen cyclist, Kevin had tried a variety of adapted cycling prostheses over the last 30 years, but had never found one that didn’t give him backache. That was until he was fitted with bebionic; a lighter, more comfortable and easier to use hand it gave Kevin the best, most comfortable cycling position he had ever experienced.

Kevin Evison

The story

A keen sportsman, Kevin has always been passionate about cycling and football. But after a tragic accident in 1982 led to the loss of his forearm, Kevin reached a turning point in his life. Keen to lead as normal and active life as possible, and refusing to give up on the sports that bring him happiness, Kevin vowed to push himself, constantly setting himself new challenges. From getting back into badminton to being a pilot at the Cybathlon, the first ever ‘Cyborg Olympics’, there is nothing that Kevin will not attempt.

The solution

To succeed in these challenges, Kevin realised that his active requirements meant he needed a prostheses that offered him greater control, strength, speed and flexibility than anything he had used before.
Being introduced to bebionic was when Kevin knew that this hand was right for him. The unique, ergonomic features made it unlike anything Kevin had tried before, resulting in a hand with unrivalled versatility, functionality and performance. The hand was lighter, more comfortable and easier to use, all of which meant, Kevin could continue with his active lifestyle and set himself one particular challenge he never thought he would be able to do; a London to Paris cycle ride.

The turning point

Cycling has always been a big part of Kevin’s life, but riding after his accident was difficult. Other prosthetic hands always gave him backache, no matter what the distance. But with bebionic, it was different, much different. bebionic’s multi-articulation abilities allow Kevin to grip the hoods, which in turn perfectly aligns the rest of his body posture to the correct position making a pleasant and enjoyable ride, no matter how long or short the ride may be.
The bebionic hand is now completely integrated into Kevin’s life and his most recent challenge saw him take bebionic to Paris. Cycling from London to Paris, contending with the steep climbs and fast descents of Kent, the unrelenting climbs in Northern France and through the sombre rolling hills of the Somme before finally ending up in front of the Eiffel tower. It was certainly a tough challenge and one that would never have been possible had it not been for bebionic.

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