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patient stories

Nicky Ashwell

At 19:14 on Thursday 5th March was the moment Nicky realised how sweet life was to be able to walk down the road holding onto her boyfriend’s hand whilst holding her purse in the other. It started with the latest addition to bebionic; small and perfectly formed the bebionic small is the most natural and true to life bionic hand. Born without a right hand, Nicky had to find ways of adapting to life’s challenges with one hand and just ‘make do’. Now Nicky can take hold of her world with both hands to live out her dreams and create more perfect turning points.

Nicky Ashwell

The story

Born without her right hand, Nicky Ashwell spent years adapting to life’s tasks, finding alternative ways to do things with one hand.
Nicky’s previous experience of wearing a standard prosthetic hand as a child didn’t benefit her and since then she has improvised either through adjusting to use her residual limb, or by wearing a purely cosmetic limb to help her posture.
Passionate about fitness and leading an active lifestyle, the challenges held back Nicky’s hunger to achieve more as she was forced to avoid activities that needed the use of both hands.
By a chance encounter, Nicky was introduced to bebionic, the most advanced prosthetic hand, and since then it has transformed her life and the lives of those around her.

The solution

Working closely with Nicky to understand her physiology and lifestyle, Steeper’s prosthetic team at the London Prosthetic Centre crafted a bespoke socket to create the ‘perfect bond’ between Nicky and her new bebionic hand.
The technology in bebionic small comprises a unique system which tracks and senses each finger through its every move – mimicking the functions of a real hand. From the first moment that Nicky triggered the sensors with her muscle movement she was amazed at just how easy it was to control and how natural it felt.

The turning point

From opening her purse, riding a bike to stirring her tea – it’s the little things like this that have made the biggest difference in Nicky’s life.
It was the moment when holding her boyfriend’s hand, and holding her purse in the other, that Nicky realised just how perfect this moment was.
Nicky had underestimated how many challenges she had set herself before life with bebionic. Now Nicky has a fresh new look on life and the confidence to accomplish the dreams she had when she was a little girl; she realises there are no more limits to life now.

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