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Electrodes and Cables

Electrodes and Cables

New Seal-in Electrodes are the perfect compliment for Suction Sockets. They are retrofittable in most sockets and provide increased sensitivity to capture weak signals.

Biocompatible titanium skin contacts provide superior conductivity, while interference protection shields from common power sources and high frequency emitting devices.

Suitable for either child or adult arm systems, each kit includes field replaceable spare legs and two fabrication kits, for laminate or thermoplastic sockets.

Two options available with interference protection for countries with either 50Hz or 60Hz mains power supply.

Electrode Key Features

• Enhanced skin contact interface

• Superior sensitivity to capture weak signals

• Proportional control and built-in gain adjustment

• Advanced electronics with interference protection

• Available in 50Hz or 60Hz

• Retrofittable in existing sockets

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